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Amazing Card Trick Has Penn and Teller Fooled!

Cyprus Magic - Mathieu Bich Fool Us Episode

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the UK TV show ‘Fool Us’.

Hosted by Jonathan Ross, the premise of the show is to pit the wits of up and coming magicians against the mighty intellects of magical duo Penn and Teller.

Each week, several magicians are given the chance to perform their best trick before a live audience with Penn and Teller getting the best seats in the house.

The task facing the magicians is to fool Penn and Teller.  If after they’ve performed their trick, the dynamic duo are unable to explain how the trick is done, the magician wins a five star trip to Las Vegas to perform as the opening act at Penn and Teller’s show.

With overhead cameras providing a bird’s eye view of any close-up magic, and Penn and Teller being so long in the magic business, it’s quite a feat to fool them – but every now and again someone does.

One of my favourite times that Penn and Teller were fooled was when French magician, Mathieu Bich, performed this card trick…..


For a minute it looks as though they have it all figured out, but not only has Mathieu fooled them, he’s also anticipated how they’ll think the trick has been done and planted a surprise to tease them both.

Can you work out how the trick is done?  If  you have a theory, why not comment below?

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