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Song in the Wind – how it’s done

Cyprus Magic Song in the Wind Card Trick After

‘Song in the Wind” is one of the most popular-and easiest-card tricks I have on the website. Having just surprised so many people with it today (their faces said it all!), I thought I’d describe it.

What you see are three cards, held in the performer’s hand, in a line (not fanned), the first card being over-lapped by the second, the second by the third (see photo). The cards are then turned face down and someone removes the middle one, ¬†leaving it face-down on the table, and is asked what it is. The answer is, of course, the middle card seen initially. Turning the card over, it’s completely different!

The secret: the second card (3 of clubs, in the photo) is only a ¬†half card, attached/hinged to the first (4 of diamonds). Behind it is hidden another, the ‘completely different’ card, the third (7 of hearts) covering it.. So from the back, they still look like three cards, but the middle one is the hidden one. Easy and very surprising.

Cyprus Magic Song in the Wind Card Trick After




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2 thoughts on “Song in the Wind – how it’s done

  1. Cute! Makes me wish I had played with magic tricks as a child!

    1. It’s never too late. A lot of my customers are adults (letting the child within have some fun!).

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