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Cyprus Magic-order online

I am SO sorry not to be able to see so many of you this year, it is at it is!

Just a reminder that you can order any of my products online & they will be delivered by AKIS express.


Also (not on the website) I have the following (brackets show how easy it is):

New: Magic Snow: add water to powder and it grows ‘snow’ x100 bigger (easy) e3.50

Magic Garden:cut out trees in a special liquid grow permanent crystals as leaves & flowers (over 2-3 days) (easy).e8.50

Magic plastic: blow your own balloons and be creative with shapes (easy) e4.50

Dice smash: 8 small cubes in a clear container, shake and they all disappear(easy)e7.50

Fortuneteller Fish: placed on the palm of your had, by their movements they tell you your/your friend’s mood/ character (easy) e0.50

New: Back-to-Front: a face-visible card is slid through another card and comes out a different card (medium) e4.50

Coin Prediction: there’s a choice of three coins, someone is asked to choose one. You can prove you predicted their choice (medium) e4.40

Fanta block: three cubes in a closed box take one out, close the box, open it and that cube is back again (medium) e5.50

Sponge balls: ‘disappear’ balls from your hands, ‘appear’ them from ears, behind you back, or another hand etc (difficult) e6.40

All include postage.

Keep safe!


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