Dubious Domino

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A gigantic Dubious Domino with one spot on the front and four on the back. Yet when the domino is turned over, there are now three spots on one side … and six on the other!

The trick is explained to the audience only to fool them again. Finally, eight spots make their appearance on one side of the domino.

Not for beginners.

Included: 1 11x17cm (approx) domino, four separate ‘spots’ and detailed instructions.

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1 review for Dubious Domino

  1. 5 out of 5

    Dimis Michaelides

    A wonderful trick crafted by Penny Douglas. Best shown as a stand-up trick for a moderate-size audience, it can be presented in so many different ways. I like a “do as I do” routine where the spectator is also given the slate (without the gimmicks) but he can only do the first half of the trick whereas you – the great magician – can surprise them twice and thrice after (You would have to buy two to do it this way)! It is easy to handle, pack and transport and can play to simple and sophisticated audiences depending on your presentation

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